Thomas “Hawk” Jacquez

“As a former division I and professional athlete, I trained under the school of hard work, pushing yourself harder than you opponent and “pain is fear leaving your body” approach. This is how I measured success. This system allowed to to achieve my childhood dream of pitching in the major leagues but was not a healthy long-term sustainable approach. Eventually, I tore the left ulna collateral ligament in my left elbow and shortly after, developed rotator cuff and labrum problems in my shoulder.

Cody’s work has guided me to a make a healthy connection between the physical, mental and emotional self. This synergistic approach has allowed me to reinterpret athletic success and make a paradigm shift of my personal well-being and health. I have enjoyed experiencing emotional and structural alignment and re-alignment of my self throughout this process.

Our sessions are always well organized and coupled with a ton of positive reinforcement as well as laughter. Until now, I was always taught to hide my emotions during performance– emotions are a sign of weakness. But now, (not to sound trite), I am honestly having fun for the first time with my workouts. I have laughed and cried. I have never been healthier.”