“Coach Cody Fielding is one of the most impressive trainers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His knowledge of human movement is impressive and his ability to communicate exactly how to address issues of injury or limitations in movement is priceless. Aside from his skill as a fitness, strength and endurance coach, his ‘from the mat up’ knowledge makes him the go to guy for any fight athlete or martial artist who is interested in improving their skills.”
~Mushtaq Ali al Ansari, Senior Instructor, Silat Zulfikari

“I began working with Cody shortly after finishing 11 months of painful rehab from a torn Labrum surgery. Having been an internationally competitive athlete, I was at a crossroads physically, everything had changed as a result of the yearlong rehab. Cody spent equal time assessing my current movement, my mental state as well as coming up with a plan for future action that took all factors into play.

The discussion with Cody regarding where I was at and where I was going was something I have never gotten anywhere else. He didn’t just listen and ask ” and how does that make you feel”. He took an active part in the discussion and incredibly could intuit exactly the feelings I was experiencing. It was very calming and helped me begin moving forward again and gave me a movement plan to get me where I want to go.

Cody has continued to follow-up with me and still shows that incredible ability to understand where I am at (and going). The Physical Therapist and the Surgeon could fix what was broken but only Cody helped me get my body to realize how it was supposed to work again.”
~Steve Van Harn, Champion Full contact Stickfighter and Chief Instructor of Navadisha Asika Naipunya, Moro Martial Arts

“Coach Cody Fielding is the perennial warrior athlete who both can do and teach, a rare gift cultivated only through experience, education and enthusiasm. I was honored to call him a member of my coaching staff at RMAX International.”
~Scott Sonnon, USA National Team Coach, Honorable Master of Sport, Founder of the Circular Strength Training System

“There is a true heart and soul to the training that Cody does with his clients. He combines his valuable experience in martial arts, Olympic lifting and strength development into creative and thorough programs, designed to improve all aspects of his clients lives.

Cody has a gift in his ability to lead clients on a journey that brings them to a higher level physically, as well as mentally. And most importantly, he has lived and worked through the training and philosophies that he teaches. It is this personal experience and history that gives him a level of understanding that only the highest level of trainers reach in our industry.”
~Bill Paulson, Triathlete and Owner of Diakadi Body

“With Coach Fielding words like, top notch, passionate, caring, and driven come to mind. I have known Coach Cody Fielding for quite a few years now and have had the pleasure of not only coaching with him but also conducting private training with him. When Coach Fielding does something, he commits himself 100% to it and doesn’t finish until the job is done properly and effectively. If you have the chance to train with him don’t think twice. Do it!”
~Ryan Hurst, gymnast and founder of Gold Medal Bodies

“As a former division I and professional athlete, I trained under the school of hard work, pushing yourself harder than you opponent and “pain is fear leaving your body” approach. This is how I measured success. This system allowed to to achieve my childhood dream of pitching in the major leagues but was not a healthy long-term sustainable approach. Eventually, I tore the left ulna collateral ligament in my left elbow and shortly after, developed rotator cuff and labrum problems in my shoulder.

Cody’s work has guided me to a make a healthy connection between the physical, mental and emotional self. This synergistic approach has allowed me to reinterpret athletic success and make a paradigm shift of my personal well-being and health. I have enjoyed experiencing emotional and structural alignment and re-alignment of my self throughout this process.

Our sessions are always well organized and coupled with a ton of positive reinforcement as well as laughter. Until now, I was always taught to hide my emotions during performance– emotions are a sign of weakness. But now, (not to sound trite), I am honestly having fun for the first time with my workouts. I have laughed and cried. I have never been healthier.”
~Thomas “Hawk” Jacquez

“I was referred to Cody by my Martial Arts Sifu. Cody, enhanced my agility and strength as well as me help me break barriers that I was facing in my martial arts training. His expertise in personal training and coaching have evolved my overall health physically and mentally. I have trained with many trainers and I must say that he is the best at what he does!!!”
~ Sharon Sanghera, Black Belt and self defense instructor