Steve Van Harn, Champion Full contact Stickfighter and Chief Instructor of Navadisha Asika Naipunya, Moro Martial Arts

“I began working with Cody shortly after finishing 11 months of painful rehab from a torn Labrum surgery. Having been an internationally competitive athlete, I was at a crossroads physically, everything had changed as a result of the yearlong rehab. Cody spent equal time assessing my current movement, my mental state as well as coming up with a plan for future action that took all factors into play.

The discussion with Cody regarding where I was at and where I was going was something I have never gotten anywhere else. He didn’t just listen and ask ” and how does that make you feel”. He took an active part in the discussion and incredibly could intuit exactly the feelings I was experiencing. It was very calming and helped me begin moving forward again and gave me a movement plan to get me where I want to go.

Cody has continued to follow-up with me and still shows that incredible ability to understand where I am at (and going). The Physical Therapist and the Surgeon could fix what was broken but only Cody helped me get my body to realize how it was supposed to work again.”