Cody is a 24-year veteran of the gym, a full-time athlete, coach, trainer and educator – he runs his private fitness studio in San Francisco, California where he works with athletes of all levels.

All of Cody’s work is custom designed to enhance the health and functional ability for his client’s chosen sports/activities and to make them capable, long-lived, vital people.

Cody has been training others for more than 12 years. In that time he has had many of the traditional certifications. His self-education now focuses on health promotion; strength & power building along with sport specific needs (with an emphasis on martial arts training). Cody is a former Head coach under Scott Sonnon’s CST™ program.

Active Certifications

International Sports Science Association certified – Personal Training & Sports Conditioning Specialist

Certified Olympic lifting instructor under Coach Mike Burgener

Certified CrossFit Instructor

Martial Arts

Boxing and MMA under Independent Coach Vince Brown
Muay Thai Kickboxing under Bunkerd Faphimai
Brazilian Ju Jitsu under Black Belt Ze Josivaldo

In addition, Cody has trained with 5-time UFC Champion Randy “The Natural” Couture, Greg Jackson, Mark Dellagrotte, Shawn Tompkins, Ricardo Liborio, Dave Camarillo, Jay Huron, Mike Pyle, UFC World Champion Chuck Liddell’s trainer/coach John Hackleman, Judo Olympian Rhadi Furguson.

Cody competes in grappling (ground fighting), full contact stick fighting and combat Sambo.

Click HERE to watch a video of Cody’s stick-fighting match at the 2006 Burning Man event and HERE for his match in 2008 – Cody remains undefeated in this event!

Click HERE to watch a video of Cody’s Combat Sambo match in January of 2007.

Seminars & Coaching

Many of Cody’s clients are personal trainers seeking to advance their own skills, he conducts Physical Culture seminars throughout the U.S.

Cody co-presents various martial arts seminars under the heading of “Progressive Fighting”.

Among some of Cody’s more well-known clients are Juan Carlos Santana and his staff at the Institute of Human Performance (http://www.ihpfit.com), world class gymnast and author Dan Millman, world champion stick fighter Steve Van Harn, professional model Lee Allison Verdeckberg and Tri-Athlete Billy Paulson.

Additional Credentials

Published fitness writer – Ogranaic MMA, Vincit MMA Magazine, Living Wow Magazine, Circular Strength Training Magazine.

Fitness Model 

Cody is featured in “The Big Book of Clubbells”. Click HERE for to view a slideshow of the original photo shoot done by photographer Wesley Buckingham.

Fasting, Longevity and Nutrition

Cody has been a student of nutrition, fasting and other longevity enhancing practices for more than 20 years. Aerobic conditioning — an active runner (participating in more than 30 road races) of 22 years, Cody has participated in and instructed others in most recognized forms of aerobics activity and metabolic conditioning.

Teachers & Mentors 

Cody feels fortunate to have learned from many great people. Among others he has trained with 3-time Mr. Universe Tom Platz, 5-time UFC world Champion Randy Couture, Dr. Mel Siff protégé Chip Conrad, recognized power lifting authority Mark “Rip” Riptoe and world class Olympic lifting Coach Mike Burgener. Most profoundly, Cody counts among his friends, teachers and mentors, creator of CST, founder ofRMAX, International Martial Arts Champion, Coach Scott Sonnon.

Corporate Background

Cody’s many years in the corporate world focused on Training and Development (T&D) including numerous ‘train the trainer’ projects. He has an extensive background in public speaking and uses this along with the T&D experience to maximize the experience for his clients and students.