My goal and passion is to give people the resources to achieve true health and body transformation that is sustainable throughout their lives. Offering them a more energetic, natural, productive life with the potential for greater longevity.
My approach flows from the belief that we can gain real health and a positive attitude about our appearance by providing ourselves with natural levels and types of activity and nutrition. This way the body finds balance and stops fighting itself.

I’ve noted the three key areas of activity, nutrition and behavior modification.

Natural Activity

By replicating (to some degree) natural activity, we shape our bodies – increasing strength, energy, flexibility, tone, agility and vitality.


From a nutritional standpoint, we must recognize that the food we consume each day is our fuel source and becomes the microscopic building blocks of our cells. Thus the quality of our food is critical.

So our goal should be to consume greater proportions of nutrient-dense, natural (unprocessed) foods and to avoid (more than not) processed, sugar-rich, nutrient-poor foods. Under these conditions, the body (without dieting) gravitates to its more natural health, weight and appearance.

Behavior Modification

One of the key missing ingredients in many attempts at body transformation is positive, lasting change to habits and behavior patterns.

Most of us cannot significantly change core behaviors (i.e., eating habits, exercise programs, dietary supplementation, etc.) without conscious attention.

One of the primary ways I accomplish this is to engage the intellect. By employing and educating the mind in each of the change pursuits and learning to enjoy these changes, we can create lasting alterations in our patterns of behavior.