Fight Training


At Empowered Health Fight Training we focus on your specific needs. Everyone who fights or aspires to fight has individual strengths and weakness and their own unique background – we custom design a training plan built for where you are, and where you need to go. We will get you get there.

Some classes are available, but if you’ve contacted us, you are looking for something more than a generic group class. We provide private and semi-private instruction, ensuring the finest technical expertise.

We specialize in: 

    Ground fighting/Jiu-Jitsu
    Stand-up, boxing, kickboxing & clinch
    Fight conditioning, mental and physical

We have coaches who specialize in these disciplines, and the entire coaching team is focused on building a cohesive game for those who fight MMA.  Meaning, we actively work to reduce the variables between the different fight modalities.  Many athletes find themselves at a loss for comprehensive instruction at one gym, and have to train at various places to round out their skills. Our purpose is to avoid that, and keep all the necessary critical resources within reach.

Fewer variables equals’ faster learning, less ‘thinking’ while fighting, and quicker transitions between ranges. To be a successful MMA fighter in today’s competitive field requires dedication, focus and single-mindedness; a great challenge given the many struggles and setbacks an athlete can encounter. Our team was assembled to help each other with these difficulties and in helping each other overcome such hurdles; we’ve developed a specific training system that we are ready to pass on to others.

Our coaches are not famous prizefighters; they are master technicians in the arts they are individually versed in.  They are dedicated to results and hard work.  They are ‘underground’, hard working professionals with skills you will respect when you meet them. What is consistent with our diverse group of coaches is that they believe in and share the same training principles. They all take great pride in the success of their students.

Fighting challenges the athlete on deep level, beyond the specific competitive event. Few other endeavors highlight the dedication, effort; focus and rich rewards that can be found by surpassing your perceived limits, and becoming the athlete you were meant to be.
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